Recent Events

Dr. Hu gets his PhD in Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology, 2022. Woohoo!

Xiaolin presents his research at the UCSC Postdoc Symposum, 2022

The Ottemann lab 2022, just outside our building. New members Sydney and Angela! Missing are Aaron, Raymond and Arturo, we'll need to try again! But we do have a stand in guest, can you spot them?

The post defense gathering for Kevin's PhD defense, August 2021. Clearly blue shirts are the PhD uniform.

Celebration Dec. 2021! Party to honor Frida's MS , Xiaolin's PhD. and Kevin's PhD. Shown are Xiaolin, Karen, Frida, Oscar, Shuai, Yazzy, Kevin and Sydney.

METX Winter Party 2021, Covid-style.

Bo (from the Patnode Lab), Raymond and Xiaolin

METX Winter Party, 2021. A Covid safe department

Not only did Kevin get a PhD, he also got a super cute dog who likes cuddles from Chrisinta.

Our first in person gathering after March 2020, in a park for sandwiches and ice cream.

Ottemann Lab reunion: 20 years in 2019

The Ottemann lab in 2019 on the steps of our building

Cande lands a high quality frisbee golf shoot at the Fall Welcome BBQ 2019

The commemorative vodka shots

Pyloripalooza group 2019!

On the way to Pyloripalooza, Mt. Shasta

Road trip, driving to 2019 Pyloripalooza meeting